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Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame information

The California Rodeo's Hall of Fame continues to grow.

The California Rodeo Salinas started its Hall of Fame in 2010 as part of the centennial anniversary of this annual western event. The Rodeo has long been supported by loyal volunteers who work on over 60 committees during the event, personnel, contestants and performers whose talents enhance the show, and after 100 years of business it was past time to honor those who helped build the organization and elevate the California Rodeo to one of the top 20 professional rodeos in the United States and the largest in California.

Since 2010, the California Rodeo has accepted applications each year and individuals have been nominated in the following categories: Committee Members, Contract Personnel/Performers, Livestock, Contestants, Notables and Supporters/Contributors.

Click on Hall of Fame Members to see a list of inductees by category.

The next induction is scheduled for July 17, 2025. Read about the inductees and purchase luncheon tickets HERE.

Hall of Fame DIGITAL/ONLINE Nomination FORM

2025 Nomination Form - Fill it in digitally

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