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Sponsorship Manager
Victoria (Rossi) Carlisle 831-775-3109 or

Sponsorship Coordinator
Barbara Balentine 831 - 775 - 3104 or

Marketing Manager
Mandy Roth Linquist 831-775-3102 or

Office Manager
Margie January 831-775-3101 or

General Manager
Jim Slaten 831-775-3105

Ticket Office Manager
Brenda Hernandez (831) 775-3130 or

Facilities Coordinator
Sheri Durgan Varner 831-775-3103 or

Marketing Coordinator
Amanda Gianolini 831-775-3185 or

Facility Manager
Ty Brownfield 831-775-3190 or

Amanda Gianolini, Marketing Coordinator
Barbara Balentine, Sponsorship Coordinator
Brenda Hernandez
Ticket Office Manager
Mandy Linquist, Marketing Manager
Margie January, Office Manager
Victoria (Rossi) Carlisle, Sponsorship Manager
Sheri Durgan Varner, Facilities Coordinator
Jim Slaten
General Manager
Ty Brownfield
Facility Manager
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