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2019 Scholarship Recipients

2019 Scholarship Recipients


The California Rodeo Salinas is passionate about supporting youth education in our community and has awarded scholarships to local students for the past 33 years. The current scholarship program is administered by Hartnell Junior College, with students attending Hartnell or transferring from Hartnell being eligible to apply.

In the near future, the California Rodeo will begin awarding funds through a scholarship fund administered by the Community Foundation for Monterey County. Those funds will be awarded to students who are Rodeo volunteers or family of Rodeo volunteers pursuing higher education (and not limited to Hartnell Junior College).

Brief scholarship history: The California Rodeo Salinas started the current scholarship program with Hartnell Junior College back in 1986 and over $82,000 has been awarded to students. The organization looks forward to growing the program in the future and impacting the lives of more students.

Current California Rodeo Scholarship Program

In 2020, the California Rodeo Association will award scholarships to students meeting the following requirements:

  • Attending Hartnell Junior College
  • Transferring from Hartnell to a University
  • Graduating seniors from a Salinas Valley high school who will be attending Hartnell in the fall may also apply.
  • Students must be 17 years of age or older and special consideration is given to Rodeo Committee Members as well as children or grandchildren of Rodeo Committee Members in good standing.

More information about the current scholarship and the online application can be found at: http://www.hartnell.edu/scholarships or https://hartnell.academicworks.com/opportunities/9...

Note: Applicants may have to click on the yellow bar and create an account/login. There is a section on the scholarship application that reads "California Rodeo Scholarship/Fiesta Day Scholarship." Students applying for the CA Rodeo scholarship apply for it through Hartnell's online General Scholarship Application. Potential applicants must have applied for admission at Hartnell College in order to have access to the online application system.

Applications are due March 2, 2020.

Future California Rodeo Scholarship Program

The California Rodeo Salinas is excited to expand the breadth of our scholarship program.

New benefits of the program include:

  • Awarding funds to Rodeo volunteers and their family members-there are over 1,200 volunteers who volunteer their time to make our community a better place
  • Cash and non-cash* donations can be accepted immediately to grow the fund.
  • Learn more by visiting the Community Foundation for Monterey County web page for the California Rodeo Scholarship

Click HERE to donate

Requirements and parameters for the future scholarship program will be announced soon.

*Examples of non-cash donations might include coin collections, property/land or vehicles.

Watch a short video featuring the 2018 recipients

2018 Scholarship Video

We are so proud of the six recipients and we love giving back to our community!  

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