Economic Impact

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Economic Impact

Economic Impact Estimates for the Salinas Sports Complex

In 2014, the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development of the College of Business at CSU Monterey Bay updated a 2003 study of the economic impact of the Salinas Sports Complex (SSC) on the City of Salinas and Monterey County. The study found that for the year 2014, events at the SSC generated over $7,648,500 in net direct new economic activity within the City and County. The direct economic impact of the California Rodeo Salinas and Bull Riding events was estimated to be $6,214,000. In turn, this new economic activity is estimated to have led to as much as $18,290,000 in total direct and induced economic activity.

The California Rodeo Salinas and Bull Riding events drew a significant number of outside visitors to the area, adding $150,150 in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and $91,406 in sales tax revenues to local and state governments.

In addition to these direct and induced economic impacts, the study concluded that the SSC provides important non-economic benefits to the community. Non-profit organizations that partner with the California Rodeo Association (CRA) are able to generate revenue by operating vendor booths, receiving more than $250,000 per year from the CRA. The CRA also donates complimentary Rodeo tickets and provides other benefits to community organizations. In 2014, the CRA redeemed approximately $18,500 in complimentary tickets.

Two high schools, North Salinas High and Palma High, use the SSC’s new Rabobank Stadium for home football and soccer games. Hartnell Community College also utilizes Rabobank Stadium. These schools benefit by not having to construct a stadium or pay maintenance fees for upkeep. The SSC maintains softball and baseball fields located on the property that the City would otherwise have to build and maintain at its own expense.

Events held at the SSC also contribute to increased visibility for the City and therefore to future tourism-related revenues. To varying degrees, all events attract visitors that live outside of Salinas. Return visits to the area for events at the Sports Complex appear to be high. At the same time, there appears to be considerable scope for further increasing attendance by non-residents at SSC events.

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