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California Rodeo Salinas Livestock Welfare Statement


During the July 19, 2013 slack* at the California Rodeo Salinas a steer wrestling steer was injured. The steer ran in front of the steer wrestler’s horse, the animals collided and the horse of the steer wrestler stumbled and stepped on the steer’s neck. The steer was loaded onto the veterinary team’s sled to move it for evaluation outside the arena and the steer died before reaching the edge of the arena. Veterinarian Tim Eastman suspects the steer fractured its neck. Dr. Eastman commented that he had never seen anything like that and it was a freak accident. The horse and cowboy are reported to be uninjured.

*Often, there are more cowboys entered in a rodeo than there are slots for them to compete. When this happens, cowboys who are not scheduled to compete in one of the regular performances post their times or score during slack, which is generally held the morning of the rodeo or the day before. Scores and times posted during slack count just like those posted during the regular performance.

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