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Western Heritage Initiative

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The California Rodeo Salinas’ mission is to preserve and promote the traditions of the California Rodeo Salinas and the west. This year we are ramping up our efforts to engage people in the western lifestyle and to educate them about what the Rodeo is all about.

You will find a western scene installed behind near our cowboy statue. There are two western characters (more below) out and about promoting the Rodeo and also roaming the grounds interacting with attendees.

Farm Day is held here at the Salinas Sports Complex in the fall and we will have a booth talking about the California Rodeo Salinas. All of these things are part of our Western Heritage Initiative.

The western characters you will see are professional actors with Wild West Performers. Will Roberts (pictured) and Jonathan Mincks will bring the west to life during the Thursday, Friday and Saturday Rodeo performances by strolling through the midway and other areas on the grounds performing.

Wild West Performers are some of the top talent in the world. From trainers to award winning cowboy performers, they know the business of Show Business.

Will Roberts – owner: Trick Roper, Gun spinner

Will Roberts Cowboy Guns, Ropes, Head Wrangler

Will Roberts Cowboy Stuntman

Will Roberts Cowboy

Will Roberts, a former Cirque du Soleil featured artist, brings the Western Arts of Trick Roping, Gun Spinning and Whip Cracking alive with his highly interactive and fast-paced performance.

He creates a visually stunning entertainment spectacle infused with his down-home humor customized to the themes and needs of your event. He draws from the showmanship of American legend, Will Rogers, and epitomizes him in every way.

Will Roberts’ western act has been featured on stages and venues throughout the world. He understands that each event is unique and will work with you to make your event one to remember.

From theatre productions, nightclubs and circuses to corporate conferences, film productions and private events Will Roberts makes the world his stage! Learn more about Will at

Jon – Gun spinner, stunts


Jonathan Mincks – Actor/Showman ~ Stuntman ~ Coordinator ~ Weapons Expert
Jonathan Mincks, a.k.a. Johnny Hotshot, has over 30 year’s production experience providing talent, coordination and specialty skills. He has appeared in over 30 motion pictures as an actor, stuntman and weapons handler. He also travels the globe thrilling live crowds for premier events, theme parks and distinctive venues providing shows and production coordination. His one man Wild West Show, Armed & Hilarious, as Johnny Hotshot has won him the World Champion title for showmanship 3 times in international competition. He is known for producing dynamic live action and safety coordination in unique and challenging conditions. He is fully insured and maintains an impeccable safety record.
In addition to the motion picture companies he has worked with like Paramount, Warner Brothers, TriStar, UA and Republic, he has also coordinated and performed shows for live venues including; The Disney Grand Hotel, The Riviera Hotel Las Vegas, Paramount Studios, Stagecoach Country Music Festival, Olympic Fencing Association, Old Tucson Studios, Kiev Polytechnic University Russia, Carl May Festival Germany and The Cedar Stampede Rodeo in Beirut, to name a few.

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