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About the Salinas Sports Complex & CA Rodeo

The Salinas Sports Complex is operated by the California Rodeo Association, Inc., a 501C4 not-for-profit organization that generates opportunities for local community groups and non-profits to earn upwards of $770,000 annually. In partnership with the City of Salinas, the California Rodeo Association designed the Salinas Sports Complex to host not only the Rodeo, but a wide variety of community and sports events that include concerts, football games, soccer games, motor events, festivals, and graduations.

The complex is located on 80 acres in Sherwood Park on land owned by the City of Salinas. The California Rodeo Association holds a 50-year lease with the City to run and maintain the facilities. For years, the grounds were used only for staging the California Rodeo, while today, the Salinas Sports Complex is a year-round hub of activity.

The California Rodeo Salinas is the largest rodeo in the state and ranked #10 nationally out of over 600 professional rodeos.

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