Kiddie Kapers Parade

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Photos by Mag One Media

Kiddie Kapers Parade

Date: July 14, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

The 2024 Kiddie Kapers Parade will take place on SUNDAY, July 14th at 3 pm

2024 THEME: Growing Champions

2024 GRAND MARSHAL: Kelly Mata Navarro
Read her bio below.

Thousands of people line the streets of the Salinas City Center to watch over 1,200 children ride on floats, bikes, in wagons and more as a kick off to Big Week and the California Rodeo Salinas.

The parade ends at approximately 4:30 pm (duration is based on the number of kids that participate).


The children in the parade are grouped into 8 divisions for judging. The divisions are Playground Floats, Cowboys and Cowgirls, Strollers & Wagons, Community Groups, Costumed Kids & Pets, Dance & Drill Teams, Group Floats and Rolling Riders (skates, rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, bikes and trikes-helmets required). Everyone is encouraged to wear western clothing.

Judging for Kiddie Kapers Parade is done by Parade volunteers and there is a first - third place awarded in each category. At the Parade’s announcing stand, the division winners are recognized. The 1st place winner in each Division receives a cash prize. There are two 1st place winners in the Cowboys & Cowgirls Division, one boy and one girl. These two winners get to ride at the front of the Parade in special cars. All other division winners walk at the front of their division behind a huge banner. 1st place winners in each division receive a handsome award ribbon. Each entrant gets a commemorative ribbon, a crisp $1 bill and coupons from local merchants.


Please call the Rodeo office at 831-775-3100 for information. There are also answers to some frequently asked questions to the right.

Grand Marshal - Kelly Mata Navarro

Kelly Mata Navarro is eleven years old and has survived cancer twice. She was diagnosed in November 2019 with Ewing Sarcoma on her right femur. Kelly has demonstrated unparalleled resilience in the face of adversity, having triumphed over cancer not once, but twice. In November 2019, she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma affecting her right femur. Undeterred by the challenges that lay ahead, Kelly underwent a hip replacement, necessitating the removal of her leg bone and the installation of a prosthetic.

Following rigorous treatment, Kelly celebrated clean scans. However, the cruel reality of cancer returned in November 2022. With unwavering courage, she confronted the disease once more and emerged victorious. Currently, Kelly is undergoing a clinical trial in Columbus, Ohio, symbolizing not just her personal resilience but also her contribution to the ongoing fight against cancer.

Beyond her battles, Kelly enjoys spending time with her pug, Vaquero, and expresses herself through the art of dance. Her creativity knows no bounds, and she aspires to channel that creativity into a future career as a designer. As she embraces life with a tenacious spirit, Kelly's family fervently hopes and prays that the cancer never returns, allowing Kelly the opportunity to pursue her dreams unhindered.

Kiddie Kapers Parade DIVISIONS

2023 Results/Winners

Kiddie Kapers Parade (end time is approximate)

Kiddie Kapers Parade
July 14, 2024 | 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Photos by Mag One Media

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