Cowboy Protectors

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Cowboy Protectors

Date: July 20 - July 23, 2023
The Cowboy Protector is respnosi9ble for distracting the bull while the cowboy regains his sense of direction and escapes to safety after a fall or dismount. today's bullfighter, far from being a clown, is serious about his job; he routinely places his own life in danger in an effort to protect the cowboy. The modern bullfighter is also an accomplished athlete, a master of timing and agility.

Josh Daries

Photo by Richard Field Levine 
34-year-old Josh Daries is from Salinas, CA and has been fighting bulls since 2014. He was selected to fight the California Circuit Finals twice and was the California Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association Bullfighter of the Year five times. He is a graduate of North Monterey County High School and attended Feather River College and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Josh made his Salinas bullfighting debut last year during the Big Week Bull Riding in 2021 and in the rodeo arena in 2022. He has been a volunteer, contestant and now personnel for his hometown rodeo. Josh lives in Clements, CA with his wife Tyla.

Nathan Harp

Photo by Phil Doyle  
Nathan Harp grew up in Tuttle, Oklahoma. Nathan wasn’t brought up in a rodeo family, but since he can remember he has always had a love for rodeo. At the age of 16 he started to pursue his love for rodeo through bullfighting. After high school he put all of his effort into his career and before long found success in the freestyle bullfights. In 2011 he won the Rex Dunn World Championship Freestyle Bullfights and is a 2x California Rodeo Salinas Bullfight Champion. Since joining the PRCA in 2012, he has worked some of the most prestigious rodeos and has been voted on four times to work the Ram Prairie Circuit Finals, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in 2021 and the PBR World Finals in 2023.

Andy Burelle

Photo by Phil Doyle 
Freestyle Bullfight Barrelman

Andy Burelle was born and raised in Michigan, “The Wolverine State.” He attended college at Eastern Michigan University and began his rodeo career as a bull rider at J Bar J Ranch. Soon after, he learned to fight bulls from the great bullfighter Rex Dunn. Andy has worked at most prestigious rodeos including the Calgary Stampede, California Rodeo Salinas and the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. He offers top-notch value in showmanship, inside and outside of the arena. Andy will be in the barrel during the Freestyle Bullfights helping his buddies stay safe while they maneuver around large angry bulls instead of fighting those bulls himself. Andy’s freestyle bullfighting experience makes him the right guy for the job and we are always happy to welcome him back to the California Rodeo Salinas. He and his wife, Robyn, son, Zane and daughter, Sonora, make their home in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

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