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2018 Miss California Rodeo Contest Entry Info


About the Contest

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Each July, several young women converge upon Salinas to participate in the challenge of becoming the next Miss California Rodeo Salinas. Contest Chairman Laurie LaVelle and California Rodeo President Brent Eastman invite you to join the competition of the Miss California Rodeo Salinas Contest and the celebration of the 108th Anniversary of the California Rodeo Salinas!

The contest winner will receive a $2,500 cash scholarship to be used at the college of her choice, a gold and silver trophy belt buckle, the use of a two-horse trailer for one year, along with many other lovely gifts and the honor of wearing the Miss California Rodeo Salinas gold and silver tiara.

Our 2017 Miss California Rodeo Salinas, Lena Coulson, will be traveling to rodeos, parades and events throughout the state promoting our contest and our rodeo. We hope you have the opportunity to meet her and hear about her exciting year.

Competition is open to young women 18 – 21 years of age. Contestants must be at least 18 years old by July 1, 2018 without having turned 22 by July 31, 2018. Contestants may enter the contest more than once, but may only win once, and may not have been married or pregnant at any time.

In order to be eligible, contestants must represent either a recognized horsemen’s organization or another recognized community organization (not commercial). Miss California Rodeo 2018 will have numerous and rewarding opportunities and experiences during her reign. If any contestant entering the 2018 Miss California Rodeo Salinas Contest currently holds a queen title representing another rodeo or horse organization, she will be eligible to compete in our contest with specific conditions outlined in the Contestant Contract. There is no entry fee for the privilege of competing.

Contestants are judged on horsemanship (40%), personality (30%), appearance (20%) and scholarship (10%). Horsemanship will include a pattern that demonstrates your horsemanship abilities and a presentation run on your own horse. Each contestant will also participate in a draw for the exchange of contestants’ horses. The same pattern or one similar will be performed by each contestant on the horse selected in the draw. Personality and appearance judging will involve a brief private interview and friendly impromptu questions before an audience. The scholarship section will include a short examination.

Application Process
Once you have made the decision to compete for the title of Miss California Rodeo Salinas 2018, you will need to fill out an online application including uploading an essay (between 350 and 500 words) and one (1) color 8x10 photo (at least 300 dpi) of a head and shoulder shot in western attire with hat and no personal crown or sash. Your photograph and any others taken in connection with the event may be used to publicize the California Rodeo. You will also need to mail in a California Rodeo Salinas Release of Liability and Contestant Contract forms to CA Rodeo Attn: MCRS Contest PO BOX 1648, Salinas, CA 93902 by May 7, 2018.
Official headquarters for the Miss California Rodeo Salinas contestants will be the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 195 Kern Street, Salinas, CA (831) 737-1160. Reservations at this motel are MANDATORY for Tuesday, July 17, Wednesday, July 18 & Thursday, July 19 with checkout on Friday, July 20 and MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY BY THE CONTESTANT BY THE ENTRY DEADLINE of Monday May 7, 2018. The California Rodeo Association will pay the motel expenses (Thursday - Sunday) of the winning contestant only. All contestants must be accompanied by a chaperone.

Upon the acceptance of your application, a detailed information packet will be sent to each contestant. The packet will include guidelines and rules for each category of the contest, a contest itinerary, a list of recommended attire and more.

If you have questions regarding the application or the contest, please do not hesitate to call the Rodeo Office @ (831) 775-3100 and ask for Laurie LaVelle.

Below you will find a digital Contest Application. Please fill it out completely and submit along with printing and mailing the forms mentioned above by May 7, 2018.


Miss California Rodeo Salinas 2018 Contest Application

Thank you for your interest in competing for the title of 2018 Miss California Rodeo Salinas. Due to the requirements of the contest and this application, you must fill out this form on a desktop (not your mobile phone) in order to upload all materials, etc. Application Deadline is Monday, May 7, 2018.

**Attention: This form must be submitted with all fields complete. There is NO AUTO SAVE FEATURE. Make sure you have all your info and essay ready to complete the application process.

MAIL Liability Waiver and Contestant Contract to CA Rodeo Attn: MCRS Contest PO BOX 1648 Salinas, CA 93902 by May 7, 2018.

Personal Information

Account info-you must fill out the info below to start your carodeo.com account and fill out form.
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Cell Phone Number
Home Phone Number
Date Of Birth
Father's Name
Mother's Name
Step Parent's Name, if any


High School Attended
College Attended

Title Information

I am entering as "Miss
Enter the name of the recognized horseman's or community  organization you represent (not commercial)
Name of Organization Representing
Contact Person and Title
Address & Phone Number of Organization Representing


Must be at least 300 dpi Photo size should be at least a 8 x 10 Portrait

Essay (must be 350-500 words)

Essay must be typed on a separate document (upload below). This essay should cover your special interests and activities that are non-horse related. Also, tell us about any rodeo, horse show and other activities you enjoy or participate in. Be sure to include a description of awards or honors you have received. Please include academic and career goals.
Upload your essay here

Media Information

Names, Addresses, Telephone Numbers & Email Addresses of Newspapers in your hometown
As a matter of ethical integrity, when you submit your application you have made a commitment to participate in the Miss California Rodeo Salinas Contest. As soon as your application is received and approved, the Miss California Rodeo Committee begins developing time lines, printing advertisement material, purchasing items for each contestant, etc.  
By checking the box below you are confirming that you are the individual filling out the application as well as verifying the content and self, and the contact person of the sponsoring organization.
Please only submit once.  You will receive an automatic confirmation that your entry has been received and an email copy of your submitted application.
Signature of Applicant:


To complete your application you must
Mail Liability Waiver and Contestant Contract forms to CA Rodeo Attn: MCRS Contest PO BOX 1648 Salinas, CA 93902 by May 7, 2018.
If you have any questions regarding this application or the contest, please do not hesitate to call the Rodeo Office at 831-775-3100 and ask for Laurie LaVelle.

2018 Contestant Contract


2018 Liability Waiver


2018 Horsemanship Pattern



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Miss California Rodeo Salinas Sponsor
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