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1st Annual Debbie Pedrazzi Memorial Cutting

Date: Sept 23, 2021
Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The 1st Annual Debbie Pedrazzi Memorial Cutting will take place during the Thursday, September 23rd performance on the track that surrounds the rodeo arena. The event honors the memory of Debbie Pedrazzi, California Rodeo President Dave Pedrazzi’s late wife, who was a world champion and participated in cutting events across the country.

The California Rodeo cutting event will feature top riders and horses who will qualify by participating at two events leading up to the California Rodeo. Qualifying shows include two Gabilan Cutters events held locally at Bolado Park on June 5 th and at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds on July 17th.

More information on the individual qualifying shows can be found at: https:/

In the cutting event, a rider enters a herd of cattle, separates one animal out of the herd and gently guides it to the center of the arena or pen, then attempts to prevent it from returning to the herd. The agility and skill from the horse and rider is an example of remarkable athleticism. It has been over two decades since a cutting show has been featured at the California Rodeo, but the flashy and fast event highlighting skilled riders and their talented equine partners is sure bring excitement to the performance and educate the audience about western practices that originated from ranch work.

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