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Junior Barrel Race

Date: July 19, 2018
Junior Barrel Racers will be featured on the track during the Thursday July 19th performance of the California Rodeo Salinas. Qualifiers from the Monterey County Sheriff's Posse JR Rodeo will be living a dream and running here in front of a big crowd and have a chance to win a replica of the famous California Rodeo Salinas buckle.

Monterey County Sheriff's Posse Jr. Rodeo is June 2nd, 2018. Entries close for the MCSP Jr. Rodeo on May 15th.

Visit MCSP WEBSITE for entry information.

Must enter M.C.S.P Jr. Rodeo to qualify. Top 3 from each age group (Girls 6-9, 10-13, 14-18 and Boys 6-9) will qualify to run on the track at the Thursday performance of the California Rodeo Salinas. Must commit at the M.C.S.P Jr. Rodeo, will roll down if any of the top three opt out. M.C.S.P Jr. Rodeo Rules will be in effect for both races.

More information to come soon.

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