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Fan Favorite "Most Delicious Produce" Contest

The contest runs from June 15th through June 29th

California Rodeo Salinas is conducting a social media Fan Favorite "Most Delicious Produce" Contest.  
In 2014, we implemented the first annual “Fan Favorite Mascot Contest.”  Captain T & A and Arti the Artichoke were neck and neck for most of the voting process but Arti the Artichoke took the grand prize title of the “Fan Favorite Mascot” winner!  

Will Ocean Mist and the artichoke win this year’s "Most Delicious Produce" Contest or will another company's commodity take the title?  

The Fan Favorite "Most Delicious Produce" Contest will run from Monday, June 15th through Monday, June 29th.  The winner will be crowned on July 1st with a special trophy presentation at the produce company’s office location. 

Stay tuned for the winner!
Check out our Produce Companies Racers below and vote at the California Rodeos' Facebook page!

2015 Fan Favorite Most Delicious Produce Contest

  • Mann Packing "Snap Mann"

    Mann Packing "Snap Mann"

    Sugar Snap Peas are a delicious snack, fresh, sweet and crunchy. They are meant to be enjoyed in their entirety, including the pod. They are fat free, cholesterol free and sodium free. Eat them as a raw snack or with your favorite dip!

  • The Nunes Company "BroccoLeaf"

    The Nunes Company "BroccoLeaf"

    Foxy Fox presents the latest and greatest Amazing Superfood…. BroccoLeaf®!
    BroccoLeaf® is an exciting new produce item brought to you by The Nunes Company, Inc.
    Made from the sweet, tasty leaves of the broccoli plant, just one serving provides 100% of an adult daily dose of Vitamin C! It’s high in antioxidants(vitamins A & K), an excellent source of Calcium and loaded with Folate.
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  • "Arti Loving Artichokes"

    "Arti Loving Artichokes"

    A is for Arti and A is for artichokes — a nutrition powerhouse! Loaded with vitamins and antioxidants — the nutrition level of artichokes actually increases when it’s cooked (compared to almost all vegetables that decrease in nutritional value when cooked). A long time favorite of chefs and foodies alike, artichokes are versatile and can be prepared a variety of ways from roasting, grilling, steaming and even microwaving. Artichokes: They’re fun to eat! 

  • Sakata Seed "Green Magic"

    Sakata Seed "Green Magic"

    Question: What's quick, DELICIOUS and easy to prepare (and satisfies even the most picky eaters)?

    Answer: Green Magic broccoli: the superhero of vegetables! Count on it to deliver great taste, nutrition and versatility!


  • Captain T & A "Artisan Lettuce"

    Captain T & A "Artisan Lettuce"

    Captain T&A here! Since 1982, T&A has believed in the heroic attributes of all farmers. I represent the many hardworking men and women of our produce industry! What would our world be like without these heroes? Our premium quality produce has remained strong as we continue to deliver farm-fresh flavor, unique variety and value to our consumers. One of our iconic items, Artisan® Lettuce is healthy, delicious and also serves as a heart-healthy food choice as certified by the American Heart Association. Hooray for those who bring fresh produce to our tables every day! 

  • PIM's "Ka-Pow Cauliflower"

    PIM's "Ka-Pow Cauliflower"

    Cauliflower is the cousin to broccoli and so versatile. This lush cruciferous can do all sorts of culinary tricks – you can grill it like a steak, crush it up to use for pizza crust, roast it, mash it, fry it, rice it, or even forego the chicken and make cauliflower buffalo wings. In addition, it is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. Any way you look at it, cauliflower sure packs a punch! KA-POW! 

  • Taylor Farms "Original Chopped"

    Taylor Farms "Original Chopped"

    Taylor Farms debuted its original Asian Chopped Salad in 2012, revitalizing the salad kit segment offered at retailers. Ever since its launch, our Chopped Salad Kits have been making salad history as a staple in retailers and a choice favorite among consumers of all ages. Finally, there is a healthy, convenient, and versatile salad that families across the nation can enjoy! Our Original Asian Chopped Salad not only represents the hardworking Taylor Farms Team, but also represents millions of families nationwide who are celebrating freshness with us every day. 

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