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Industrial Calf Dressing

Date: July 20 - July 23, 2017
Industrial Calf Dressing is an event during each performance of the California Rodeo.
Unlike most rodeo events that originated on the ranches and cattle drives of the Old West, the calf dressing event started as entertainment at modern day rodeos.
Over the years it has become an event that offers a unique opportunity for non-professional rodeo contestants to become active participants in rodeo.
The object is to successfully dress a live calf in a pair of giant Wranglers in the shortest amount of time. The only rule governing this event is that the Wranglers get on the right end of the calf with no harm done to the animal.
Each team consists of three contestants; these teams are sponsored by local businesses. Many teams return each year to enjoy the sport and to share in some wholesome family entertainment with our community.
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