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Kiddie Kapers Parade

Date: July 12, 2014
Location: Old Town Salinas
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The theme for the 2014 parade is "A Parade for all Children" 
The annual Kiddie Kapers Parade will take place on Saturday July 12th as the lead in to the Colmo del Rodeo Parade. Kids will line up at the Salinas Rec Center and the parade will start at 6:30pm.
Judging for KKP is done by community members and there is a first - third place awarded in each category with cash prizes. The top cowboy and cowgirl get to ride at the front of the parade in special cars and all other division winners get to walk in the front of their division for the parade. Each entrant gets a ribbon, a crisp $1 bill, a carnival ride voucher and coupons from local merchants.

Call the Rodeo office at 831-775-3100 for information (and read the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS pdf below).




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